Water is the source of life and one of the most precious resources of our planet. Agricultural companies are most aware of this fact as water is one of the key factors affecting the quality and size of crops. Therefore when taking into consideration the present scale of crops, you simply cannot rely on rain only. Professional irrigation systems are a necessity.

Irrigation systems are used primarily in orchards, gardens, greenhouses, tunnels and field farming. Finding the best system and its components for the specific type of crops and its requirements is of key importance.

For many years we have been tackling the issue of lack of rainfall by offering irrigation systems, which guarantee cost-efficient and optimal irrigation with minimum water usage.

In our offer you will find a full range of products which are necessary to create professional irrigation systems both for agriculture and green areas, including drip irrigation tapes and lines, a wide selection of field and garden sprinklers, controllers, solenoid valves, filters and all the fittings and pipes you will need.

We also sell intelligent Weathermatic controllers, which allow users to manage their irrigation systems on the basis of up-to-date weather data and a number of other factors, such as soil and vegetation type as well as the slope of the land.

  • Design irrigation systems tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

  • Support our clients with specialised know-how and experience in the selection of effective solutions

  • Audit existing irrigation systems and oversee their modernisation.

  • Our full offer of products includes items for crops growing, fruit farming, greenhouses, gardens, sports facilities, and green areas.

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