The irrigation controller is used for automatic watering control. With it, you can program not only the time and sequence of the opening of solenoid valves, but also the time of day or day of the week. Optional sensors of rain or soil moisture allow you to omit watering when it is unnecessary, save water and protect plants from excess.

Relying on the experience of our employees, we are able to offer irrigation controllers ideally suited to your needs. The devices from leading manufacturers available in our offer are characterized by durability and reliability.

Weathermatic ProLine & Smartline

Weathermatic have a range of controllers in which have implemented a number of solutions to make them the most user-friendly controllers available. Their modular design and a wide array of diagnostic functionalities will make the Weathermatic controllers find avid supporters worldwide.

Most important functionalities:

  • 4 programs A, B, C + and additional D program which can run in parallel,
  • 8 program starts per day
  • programmable irrigation delay after rainfall – 9 to 99 days,
  • programs adjusted for seasons,
  • possibility of excluding planned hours, days or specific dates from the irrigation program,
  • irrigation on set days (odd or even days) or with a specific interval,
  • multi-step irrigation functionality with time for soaking,
  • programmable irrigation delay between sections 1–3 h
  • non-volatile memory, does not require batteries
  • *control of two pumps or main valves (NO/NC)
  • *4 programs A, B, C, D which each one can run in parallel

*Attention: options avaible only in new model with G5 processor.

Smart watering features (avaible in Smarline model)

  • ZIP Code input or Latitude input
  • Sprinkler type input
  • Plant type input
  • Soil type input
  • More/Less ET Tuning
  • Watering run times
  • Review menu displays accumulated ET deficits by zone
  • Display maximum run time and minimum soak time
  • Displays temperature readings (daily high/low) for previous 5 days
  • Accumulates total run times by zone from the last reset date
  • Clear deficits for all zones
  • Extended rain delay programmable from 0 – 99 hours

Computers for agriculture

The agricultures computers is a range of advanced controllers which will give even the most demanding of users no reason to complain. Regardless of the type of plantation: open field, greenhouse or orchard, they provide compatibility with even the most intricate of irrigation systems. Possibility of storing multiple programs, control of pumps, filter units, fertiliser dosing – all these functions combined with the possibility to connect multiple sensors make  controllers a perfect tool to support agricultural production.

Battery Operated Propagation Controllers

The 710AP is a versatile battery operated controller with a two wire DC latching solenoid, designed for propagation, misting and irrigation cycles. The 710AP provide advanced programming capabilities for all types of commercial, greenhouse and nursery applications. Fully waterproof and powered by two AA alkaline batteries that can last for up to three years, the 710AP features logical, revolving menus for simplified programming and review.

The 710AP includes a seven button keypad, a large, easy-to-read LCD display, intuitive icon-based programming with five start times per day in weekly or cyclical mode, manual run, monthly budget, and rain off with restart of up to 99 days. The controller also features a propagation mode including cyclical frequencies from 1 minute to 59 minutes or from 1 to 12 hours, and durations in seconds for loop watering with selectable start and stop times.

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