Drip Lines

Drip lines supply water directly to the root zone, they are most commonly used in orchard applications (apples, cherries, pears), soft fruit plantations (raspberry, honeyberry, blueberry) and in house gardens (flowerbeds, shrubberies, coniferous plants).

Manufactured of the highest quality materials stabilised for UV radiation, they boast long service life and high mechanical strength enabling their repeated reeling and unreeling.

The most important part is the drip head which controls the water outflow. The technologies used in the production process result in a drip head with very good hydraulic specifications, enabling the use of long irrigation sections with high watering uniformity.

Plug and threaded fittings are necessary for the installation of the system and provide an important addition to the offer. The full range of available fittings can be found in our catalogue.

More details in our catalog: