Fertigation – feeding plants with fertilisers dissolved in water is a logical consequence of using irrigation systems. This solution enables precise dosing of the required micro- and macro-elements directly into the plant’s root area via the irrigation system emitters. Besides the measurable advantages of fertiliser economy, the use of fertigation enables quick and precise dosing of the ingredients lacking in the soil and is necessary to prevent the unwanted changes in its composition resulting form long-term irrigation. We offer a full range of fertiliser dosing equipment for the fertigation systems.

Precise and economical proportional feeders are a slightly more advanced option. They dose the required substance in a constant ratio to water flow which results in a stable concentration, regardless of the flow and pressure. Proportional feeders do not require electricity, they are powered with water flow, which makes them perfect for application far from electricity sources.

The most advanced solution we offer are fertiliser mixers, also called shakers. The computer-controlled device enables very precise dosing of several fertilisers and acid at the same time. Continuous pH and EC monitoring enables full control over the parameters of the dosed substances. This is crucial for maintaining stable fertilisation parameters, independent of the changes in the quality and flow of water.

Dosing pump for fertilizer

Dosing pump for acid

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Injector feeders

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