Field Sprinklers

Field sprinklers are the last element of the system and are key to the quality of irrigation. Droplet size, intensity and uniformity of the sprinkling depend on the specification of sprinklers.

Our offer includes a wide range of rotary and sectoral field sprinklers. They are made of the highest quality materials and provide a wide range of specifications to ensure optimal application of any system type: stationary, rain jet, anti-frost systems.

Brass field sprinklers

Rossi sprinklers are used especially when large sprinkling range is required: as components of rain jets or stationary systems, in growing vegetables, fruit and in plant nurseries; also in delicate applications, such as young stands or bilberry stands, in greenhouses and gardens.

The sprinklers provide good irrigation in their proximity and finer droplets at the end of range. Self-lubricating bearings, immunity to UV lighting are only a few of the features which enable Rossi sprinklers to work reliably for years.

Plastic field sprinklers

Plastic sprinklers are well suited for applications demanding low range and high sprinkling uniformity: in plant nurseries, root plant, legume, flower and decorative plants growing.

The large range of working pressure and replaceable nozzles provide for optimum range and output.

Highest quality, UV-resistant plastics and stainless steel spring guarantee long and failure-free operation.

Anti-frost sprinklers

Vyrsa VYR 33 are frost protection sprinklers for use in orchards, plant nurseries and bilberry stands. They provide very good sprinkling uniformity, optimal water output and rotation time, which contribute to correct frost protection.

Low temperature resistant materials, covered bearing and beater spring are the reasons VYR 33 sprinklers are highly reliable, which is required in anti-frost applications.

These features make this model the most commonly used in frost protection systems.

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