Filtration is a necessary step in every irrigation system, regardless of the source. The deposits in water may clog drip heads, micro-sprinklers and labyrinths in the drip lines and tapes. The filters also prevent migration of secondary contaminants to the irrigation system in case of water supply failure or drawing insoluble deposits from the fertigation tanks. In case of high iron and manganese content or fine suspended matter, the omission of water treatment and filtration may result in the unaesthetic looks of the plants watered with hammer sprinklers which is especially important at decorative plants and flower plantations. In addition to mineral suspensions, surface waters from ponds and watercourses typically have a high content of algae and plant residue which can also lead to incorrect operation of the irrigation system.

The type and size of filters is selected in accordance with the found contaminants and maximum flow. We offer a wide range of filters, from simple mesh filters through disc filter units with automatic flushing to hydrocyclones and barrel filters.

Disc/mesh filters

Disc and mesh filters are used to remove the suspensions from groundwaters and to protect the irrigation system against secondary contamination which may be formed in the pipelines. The filters are made of reinforced polyamide and provide great mechanical strength. A wide range of flow rates enables the selection of a filter with optimal filtration parameters and low hydraulic loss levels. Rotodisc® – a special element inducing a circular movement of water in disc filters increases the efficiency of filtration and decreases the frequency of the required cleaning of filtration elements.

Two available types of closing make future maintenance easier and the possibility of setting the flow at an angle or linearly contribute to simple application in the irrigation system.

Automatic filters

Rotodisk® automatic filters installed as a filters unit with a valve system enable the maintenance of a continuous filtration cycle, without the need to disassemble filtration elements for cleaning and, therefore, continuous water supply.
The application of automatic valves with a control unit renders the filtration system fully maintenance-free. The filters are made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide, the applied Rotodisc® water circulation technology provides high filtration of efficiency and contributes to saving water designated for flushing.

Automatic disc filters have multiple uses in facilities where constant access to high-quality water is crucial: agricultural production facilities, such as greenhouses, food processing facilities, vegetable and fruit sorting plants, hen houses, cow houses and pigsties as components of water treatment stations, in the cellulose industry, water treatment plants and in other industries for cleaning process water.

We offer independent filtration elements, simple automatic systems with single filtration elements as well as filter units of very high flow capacity.

Metal filters

Metal filters are used to remove contaminants from surface waters. They are effective in removing dissolved iron and manganese after water aeration as well as fine mineral suspensions which are too light and could quickly clog disc or mesh filters.

Depending on the contaminants in the water, hydrocyclones or barrel filters may be used. Hydrocyclones are small filters with large flow capacity used for the most part to separate mineral suspensions. Barrel filters are used to remove iron and manganese, remove contaminants from surface waters as well as particularly fine mineral suspensions. They are filled with a filtration bed selected particularly for the type of contaminants.

The filters we offer are manufactured using the most recent machines and materials. The coating epoxy powder coating provides filter durability and resistance to adverse atmospheric conditions, extending the service life of the filter.

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