The Micro-line™ dripline’s compact size makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. For commercial and residential uses, the dripline is installed above ground and can be covered with mulch. The drip emitters in the drip line are built with a large filter along their cross section to make sure that moving particles on the bottom of the drip line do not enter the labyrinth water path, ensuring trouble-free operation and long life.


  • Used above ground or under mulch for a variety of applications such as containers and narrow plantings
  • Large labyrinth water passage and turbulent flow help reduce clogging
  • Inlet filter helps prevent particles from entering the drip emitter labyrinth path
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in landscape applications
  • Use with 1/4″ (6 mm) barbed fittings
  • Flexible tubing for easy installation
  • Two outlets per drip emitter ensure less chance of clogging

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