Micro-sprinklers are one of the most versatile watering systems. a large range of solutions, designs, nozzles and installation elements enable the selection of a micro-sprinkler well suited to your requirements. They are typically used in greenhouses, tunnels, plant nurseries, young stands, gardening centres and many others, even non-typical settings (snail farms, sprinkling directly from the pipes on greenhouse tables, composting facilities).

Plug-in micro-sprinklers

A type of micro-sprinklers plugged in directly into the PE pipe.

Used for underhead sprinkling, work well for watering shrubs and flowerbeds. Their simple design and working parameters enable application in different, non-typical systems.

Rotary micro-sprinklers on pins

Pal Special and Pal Super sprinklers are primarily used for watering small trees, but also to sprinkler small-scale vegetable plantations and flowerbeds.

Automatic nozzle closing after watering prevents the entry of dirt and insects. Supplied as a full kit with the hose, plug-in and pin. The long installation pin enables the adjustment of the height of the sprinkling head to the type of watered surface.

Suspended micro-sprinklers

Used primarily in greenhouses, plastic tunnels, hothouses and shadehouses. They are also used in plant nurseries and gardening centres.

OMEGA-R sprinklers are designed for installation in suspended sprinkling systems. The pressure spring maintains the closed position of the sprinkler when the system is not in operation. This prevents access of insects which could damage the system.


Their main application are closed room systems: during the production of vegetable (e.g. cabbage) seedlings, in mushroom cellars, orangeries, palm houses, nurseries for the tunnel production of saplings an in flower production.

They can be used wherever very small droplet sizes are required: for air humidity regulation, temperature control in greenhouses and tunnels, at snail farms.

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