PVC-U fittings and pipes

Most irrigation systems cannot exist without PVC elements. Filtration stations, dosing systems, irrigation systems in greenhouses, gardening centres, mushroom cellars, waterholes, swimming ponds, pools, hen houses or pigsties – these are only a few among the thousands of applications for the material.

PVC – polyvinyl chloride – is a material with excellent mechanical strength and resistance to atmospheric conditions and chemicals. PVC systems are durable, easier and cheaper to make than most alternative solutions.

These features and a broad range of offered fitting with multiple types of connections make the material one of the most versatile and adequate for a multitude of applications.

PVC-U Pipes

Pipes made of plastics are characterized by resistance to corrosion, water and compounds contained within it and acids and bases, as well as low weight, long life and ease of installation.

When used with a wide range of plastic fittings, they provide unlimited possibilities for the design and construction of transmission or distribution pipelines.

We offer PVC-U PN16 pipes in diameters from D-16 to D-225.

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