Quick-release couplings

Fitting couplings are used to connect PE pipes and connect pipes with system elements, such as valves, filters, etc. Commonly used for water supply and irrigation networks, they provide a tight connection and quick fitting with minimal effort.

Thanks to stabilisation against the degrading UV radiation, the couplings we offer are perfect for surface irrigation systems. Heavy duty polymers used for their production provide excellent mechanical strength, tightness and secure connection.

We offer joints for PN10 and PN16 working pressures.

1. Nut – UV-stabilised polypropylene (PP).
2. Clamping ring – polyacetal (POM), with good impact and gliding properties
3. Locking ring– polypropylene
4. O-ring – nitrile rubber (NBR)
5.Body – polypropylene (PP-B) with increased mechanical strength, even at high temperatures

Saddle clamp

Polypropylene clamps provide the possibility of forking PE and PVC pipes without the need to sever them. Saddle clamps are a perfect replacement for reduction tees. Their primary advantage is quick and simple installation – they are mounted to pipes using galvanised bolts (2, 4 or 6 bolts, depending on the pipe diameter). The fork is sealed with an NBR o-ring.

All the clamps offered by our company have forks with internal threading. We offer joints made entirely of plastic or with acid-resistant steel reinforcement rings. The purpose of the ring is to protect the pipe against fracturing during screwing in a metal fitting.

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