The valves, which are auxiliary elements of the irrigation system, are used for the adjustment and closing of water flow. As a necessary element of a correctly functioning system, they must be of adequate quality.

We offer a broad range of valves, enabling the application in all types of systems – for water and other liquids used in agriculture: solutions of acids, bases and fertilisers. When putting together the offer, we based our selections on the high quality of the products.


Low pressure valves provide control over simple systems with manual control. They are well suited for adjusting flow in small irrigation system sections or to control single irrigation sections.

PE valves

Valves with an integrated PE quick release coupling enable application directly on a PE pipe. The valves are easy to install and reduce the number of required joints.

PVC valves

Industrial class valves, conforming to the highest quality standards. We offer valves with all types of joints: threaded, glued, flanged.

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